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Paid for by the Committee to Re-Elect Leonard Moty   |  Shasta County Supervisor, District 2  - 2020 |  FPPC #1305552


“We need a supervisor in District 2 who knows how critical public safety and water rights issues are to the people in both the rural and urban areas of our district.  Leonard Moty understands these issues as our current Supervisor, former Police Chief of Redding, and from the many water boards he represents.”


Leonard Moty has the

experience we need.”

Irwin Fust, Retired Shasta County Supervisor District 2



"Leonard's experience-driven steady hand has been and is a critical voice on the Board of Supervisors.  It is imperative that our leadership continues to operate under a balanced approach as our County continues to develop now and into the future."


"Because I grew up in Happy Valley, I know District 2 is a special place that presents unique challenges.  I trust Leonard Moty to represent the district because his proven leadership in law enforcement and emergency services organizations equips him with the right know-how to protect my family, friends, and neighbors."


"One thing most don't know about Leonard is how much he fully embraces the role of Supervisor, travelling frequently to place Shasta County on the map during key stakeholder meetings all over the state.  In this time of opportunity, it is critical for our County to forge strategic relationships and to think big.  Leonard Moty is the right choice."


Daniel Knott, Executive Officer

K2 Development Companies


“I am pleased to announce my endorsement of Leonard Moty for Shasta County Supervisor, District 2. His 31 years with the Redding Police Department gives him the insight needed to understand the complex problems faced by the Sheriff’s Department today.  Leonard and I have collaborated on many issues and I look forward to continuing our working relationship.”

Sheriff Eric Magrini, Shasta County Sheriff


“Following interviews with each candidate in District 2, the Redding Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors voted UNANIMOUSLY to endorse Leonard Moty for Supervisor.  Now is the time to continue to build on the positive momentum at the County of Shasta.  There has been significant change in leadership with the recent hiring of a new County CEO and appointment of a new Sheriff.  Supervisor Moty's steady hand and consistent, straightforward approach have served the community well, not only during his 31 years in law enforcement, but also as an elected leader on the Board of Supervisors.  We look forward to continuing to work with him during this exciting time as together we address challenges and seize the many opportunities for growth in Shasta County.”

Redding Chamber of Commerce


“The Shasta County Deputy Sheriff’s Association is proud to endorse Supervisor Leonard Moty for re-election in District 2.

Supervisor Moty has served our community with honor and diligence for over 30 years.  Supervisor Moty has demonstrated his ability to stay effective and informed in our ever-changing world.  He has accomplished this by remaining current with the changing laws and funding from Sacramento, as well as sitting on multiple county and state boards.

The DSA believes Supervisor Moty’s proven leadership and attention to detail is what the county, communities, and citizens need to proactively move us all forward.“

Ben Estill, President

Shasta County Deputy Sheriff's Association


“We have known Leonard for many years, his love for our community has always been at the forefront and his leadership is what we need to move into the future at a time when changes in culture are necessary.”

Ed & Debbie Rullman, Business Owners


 “We are endorsing Leonard Moty for Supervisor of District 2 for many reasons but, most importantly, for his strong positions on public safety and fire prevention.“

Dave & Andrea Scott, Business Owners


“Leonard Moty was an original supporter of organizing the northern counties and bringing Partnership HealthPlan of California to Shasta County.  This insured local control of the MediCal program, lowered administrative costs and broadened services to 58,000 people in Shasta County alone.”

Randall Hempling, CEO SRMC, Retired


“Leonard has the experience and knowledge as the former police chief to fully understand the issues facing law enforcement today.  His common sense approach to issues makes him a valuable member on the Board of Supervisors.”

Senator K. Maurice Johannessen, Retired


“I have known Leonard for many years and he has always been true to his word.”

Heidi Corrigan, Business Woman


"Leonard has and continues to be a steady, consistent advocate for public safety in our Communities during his career with the City of Redding and Shasta County.  As someone who is proud to call Redding home and raising a family, I strongly support Leonard Moty for District 2."

Ryan Denham, Business Owner


“Leonard Moty has always been focused on the well-being of Shasta County.  He understands the important link between Public Safety and Economic Development.  You can’t have one without the other.  That’s why, as a business owner, I’m supporting Leonard.”

Pat Corey, Business Owner